Advanced Reputation Bars


Advanced Reputation Bars

Create an infinite amount of reputation bars on your board, and allow people to reach the apex of reputation and further the feel of gamification to activate and engage your users.

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Features to support you

With the administrative power that ships with the plugin, you can easily change and build it how you want it to be.

Admin Back-end
Leveraging MyBB’s AdminCP, the tool adds back-end functionality to manage the reputation bars.
No Impact Loading
All changes from the AdminCP updates the cached reputation bars and uses the cached content in the front-end, optimizing loading speed with near-zero impact.
Add an extra layer of gamification on your board and leverage your user’s want for public achievement.

The plugin creates two templates, the template named repbars_18_bar holds the HTML standard for any reputation bar, in here the necessary HTML and CSS can be applied, to change the overall structure and base of all reputation bars. When creating and/or editing a reputation bar, you can change the required reputation as well as text styling and the bar color, to fit your needs.

There is no limit to the number of reputation bars you can implement. It should be considered what level of reputation suits your board and how easy/hard it is for a user to obtain the next level. Gamification should be done moderately, such that it does not become an impossible goal for any user to achieve the next level, and it still is a reachable goal.

Over at MyBB’s Official Website, the amount of support you can get is insane for a free and open-source community. Simply make a new thread in the appropriate section, and if not the creator or collaborators of the plugin, then someone will help you with the issue you may be facing.

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